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earthen vessels

earthen vesselsSaturday was so warm that none of us could sit still.  I felt tingly all over, rousing and uncurling in the light.  In the eyes of my children I could see that they felt it too.  We put on sandals and swim trunks and marched off through suburbia to the tiny enclave of wildness at the end of our street, a steep-banked stream just beyond the sightline of lawn ornaments and vinyl siding.

I have decided that I do not like the term ‘mindfulness’.  I have spent years with an inner voice urgently, persistently exhorting me to be ‘mindful’.  But it doesn’t work. The word itself evokes the mind, and that is, for me, the very thing I long to escape.  I prefer the term, and the sensation, of ’embodiment’.  Ahh.  Can’t you just feel the difference?  It’s a soft breath, a delicious sinking into the senses, the pleasure of warm sun striking the skin, scent of oniongrass and chickweed, coolness of dusty feet in the water. Continue reading



March 17, 2013 · 11:09 pm

the beauty all around us


I used to dislike guided meditation.  Why? Because at the end of it, everyone else would have these amazing stories of the powerful beings they encountered, the deep wisdom they received, the texture and sight and sound they dove into like cool water.  And there I’d be, having seen only the pink backs of my eyelids and the essential oils I needed to order for next week.

But one morning, in the sweet space of a woman’s circle led by Honeybee Henderson, I was invited into a guided meditation that was very different.  Perhaps I had grown more open, or perhaps I felt safe with these women. Whatever the cause, I found myself in a forest of thick-trunked trees, dappled with sunlight and deep shadow. Continue reading


March 5, 2013 · 3:35 am