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“I have never experienced anything like Lissa’s workshop before in my entire life.  If you had told me that I would be both pampered and educated in the same hour, I would have said, “No, it can’t be possible!”  Don’t we keep those two parts of our brains separated?  Lissa showed me that no, they can work happily together, and that the best way for me to learn and retain new knowledge is to be immersed in an environment that is both comforting, safe, and stimulating to every sense.  It was a truly empowering experience that has stayed with me in a profound way.”
                                                                                                       ~Laura A., Artist, Los Angeles
“Lissa, where do I begin? Maybe with the shea butter bars which are a real pleasure all over the body. Oh and that goat milk/rosemary/clay soap which I used to the last drop, happy to find rosemary all the way through! And the rose chai tea perfect for a sleepy winter afternoon. I will be sending you an order soon!”
                                                                                                                    ~Mary F., Philadelphia
“I went into the herbal spa evening a bit wary – didn’t know anyone, or what to expect, etc – but Lissa immediately put me at ease with her easy warmth. She started cooking up batches of delicious treatments right before our eyes, and then we got to experience them ourselves. The herbal foot bath was just dreamy – it took away any remaining wariness, and really helped bond the group. And it felt so indulgent!
Her ingredients are yummy – they’re basically all edible, and so good for the skin, compared to the usual chemical-laden stuff I used to buy. No more. I’m committed to using treatments that are as kind to me as Lissa was. I took home a heart-shaped soap that’s loaded with cocoa butter, a moisturizer that just melts into my skin, and a honey lip balm that I have to remind myself not to eat. Now I get to surround myself with healthy luxuries every day. I’m so grateful to Lissa for the evening, and for the gentle, profound lesson in joyful pampering that she gave us.”
                                                                                                                            ~Lisa R, Los Angeles
“Lissa is full of life, spirit, knowledge of herbs and pure sunshine. She embodies the most beautiful aspects of the plants she grows, fresh, healing, powerful, kind, soft and pure. In her workshops she takes you on a true journey…along the way you learn, grow, pamper, reflect, relish and feel almost transported into a magical herb kitchen where Lissa is kindly preparing, sharing and teaching. Her knowledge flows freely and her passion for herbs and their power is infectious! She invigorated my interest, belief and use of herbs! Her products are fantastic too!”
                                                                                                             ~ Natalie R., Santa Monica
“Lissa Carter is mind-blowing, plain and simple. An absolute sorceress of decadence and lover of all things luscious. Time spent with Lissa always feels like magical playtime, where cares melt like hot butter and the heaviness of life is carried away effortlessly by the wind.
Her knowledge of her herbal craft is impressive and inspiring to say the least. I always feel like my body yearns to absorb the love that she puts into every single one of her powerful product creations.
Not only does she hold vast wisdom of the elements she works with, she also intertwines history, culture and storytelling into her fantastical explanations of all that she does. This woman is brilliant. Period!
I will absolutely guarantee that a day spent in her presence will leave your body nourished to the maximum capacity and your divine feminine heart vibrating with pleasure power!”
                                                                                                        ~ Briana S., Venice
“What a lovely surprise it was to spend an evening of pleasure and bliss with Lissa, an Apothecary for the Divine Feminine Soul. Her alchemical blend of herbs and remedies wake up the Divine Pleasure Goddess in us all. The highlight of the evening workshop with Lissa was the coconut cream herbal foot bath with the sea salt scrub, which was cupped in orange rinds and gently massaged on tired calluses. I was literally massaging myself into relaxation. Was I drunk on bliss or could it have been the glass of rose petal infused white wine? My foot felt softer than a baby’s bottom. And the lotion bar that had been carefully measured and poured into heartshaped molds melted into my skin like almond heaven. It felt emollient and thoroughly yummy. Like a good mom, after the evening, Lissa made sure that we all left with our care packages. In it were full size samples of the goat milk soap (shaped like a heart), homemade facial scrub and a lip balm. The soap has completely spoiled me. I had to throw out my other soaps because now I know how a real soap is supposed to leave your skin feeling, supple with no film residue. Oh, to have another enchanted evening of bliss and celebration!”
                                                                                                         ~ Julie T., Tujunga
“Lissa is an amazing woman with a true gift, leading the circle and at the same time making us all feel free and empowered.  I think she has magic inside her that knows we are all capable of the impossible. Her presence is healing and inspiring. She’s very skilled at reading the energy of the group and each person in it. I leave the circle feeling more connected to myself, to my sense of purpose, and to my sense of appreciation.”

~ Aja S., Chapel Hill, NC


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