autumn on white oak road

what the oaks lose in beauty

they gain in flight–

though graceful maples self-immolate

hand by focused hand,

they cannot draw the sun back in.


yet each drab oak leaf, falling here,

is lifted–

humble icarus–

one last slow dance of dying

made of motion,

not of light.


all that’s lost in beauty

gained in flight.




October 23, 2013 · 12:18 am

4 responses to “autumn on white oak road

  1. paradisoarts

    Just perfect for today. xo

    Laura Alvarez, MFA Paradiso Arts 310-592-5879


    • i almost can’t stand how beautiful it is here. it’s like i cannot breathe deeply enough. i must have biked for three hours yesterday because every tree i passed was more beautiful than the last.

  2. Every season gives us a reason to be both grateful and wistful and autumn is my favourite season of all 🙂

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